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Elizabeth Geli

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Do Re Memes for Marching Band

Band humor makes popular material for memes loved by members and nonmembers alike. Yo Dawg, I heard you like band memes, so I wrote you this article showing the most popular ones! How did this all happen? But actually, through years of proud band geeks sharing their experiences and funny moments.
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Interview with Kostas Christides, Benji (2018) Composer

This week we have been so pleased to finally share our interview with Benji (2018) composer Kostas Christides! Justin and I spoke with him last week and he kindly answered all of our questions about his background and career, followed by an in-depth discussion of his process working on Benji. He talks all about his friendship with director Brandon Camp, his favorite moments in the film, recording the score in Yugoslavia, and what it was like to finally meet Benji in person!
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5 Crazy Predictions for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3

Tonight, Friday the 13th (spooky!) marks the fall premiere musical geeks have been anxiously waiting for—the return of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”! The CW musical comedy show starring and executive produced by Rachel Bloom promises to return with a vengeance, literally. The season two finale ended with flaky man-child Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III) leaving our anti-heroine Rebecca Bunch (Bloom) alone at the altar as he enrolls at a seminary.
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A Quest for History: In Pursuit of Tammy Trojan

In the middle of the USC campus there's a small and shady cemented area surrounded by the steps that go up to Heritage Hall, the Galen restaurant, the music practice building and the intramural field. Insignificant or unnoticed by most, this small area is where Trojan Marching Band dreams come true -- or not.
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Marching 9 to 5

Professional marching bands really do exist. Learn about four well-known groups and how to perform with them. The old saying, “Do what you love, and the money will follow” may seem impossible for those in the marching arts. While we’ll always need band directors and instructors to teach the next generation, what if your passion is to play and march every day as a performer?
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A Funnier Rose Parade Broadcast

Amazon Prime and comedy website Funny or Die presented “The 2018 Rose Parade Hosted by Cord & Tish,” with commentary from Cord Hosenbeck and Tish Cattigan, in their “25th year” of covering the event. Wait … who? Although they remained in character through the entire promotional process and broadcast, Cord Hosenbeck is really Will Ferrell, and Tish Cattigan is portrayed by Molly Shannon.
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Leg Cramps Keeping You Awake?

It’s almost Halloween, and something spooky may be waking you up at night. Is it a ghost? A monster? No, worse … it’s leg cramps! Waking up with a cramp can be extremely painful and shocking. Patients often come to Fitzgibbons Vein Center for help with this issue. Medical reasons for leg cramps can include spinal stenosis, arthritis, arterial disease and venous disease.
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Discover Lost Angeles Presentation

Final project for CMGT 554: Creativity Through Advertising, Professor Gary Wexler. Assignment was to create an ad campaign for the city of Los Angeles. We proposed a website called Discover Lost Angeles that would promote LA's hidden gems and help locals find interesting and fun things to do. Overall strategy with ad copy for print, radio, outdoor and television, with rough mock-up illustrations included.
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Child Star Check-In - Benji's Allen Fiuzat

If you're a regular Sequel Rights listener, you know that I (Eliz) love to give the "Child Star Check-In" report! I desperately want to know where these people ended up and thanks to my ridiculously expensive multiple journalism degrees, I'm pretty decent at tracking them down. Here on our blog I will share everything I've found while working on Child Star Check-Ins, to prove I'm not just making this stuff up!
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Janina Gavankar Features Drum Corps in Music Video

What happens when you #JustAddDrumCorps? Actress and singer Janina Gavankar set out to find out in an ambitious and artistic music video project with the Jersey Surf Drum and Bugle Corps. Her cover of “Don’t Look Down,” a song by Martin Garrix featuring Usher, remixes electronic dance music into a futuristic video with drum corps, a flying drone, and her own special vocal and percussion talents.
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Ep 25 - Step Up: High Water (GUEST: Kyle Wilson)

This week we welcome a very special guest, Kyle Wilson, Post-Production Supervisor on Step Up: High Water! He's here to join your hosts Justin, Tyler and Elizabeth as they take a look at the brand new YouTube Red series based on Step Up. Star ratings help us build our audience! Please rate/review/subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen, and share us with your twin dancing brother or sister.
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“Old” Kids in the Block

Participating in the marching arts is not just for the young but can also be for the young at heart. Even if you go away from the activity, you might find yourself being easily welcomed back. As members of the University of New Mexico Spirit Marching Band gathered around the ladder on the eve of their first trip away from Albuquerque, the director offhandedly made a common reference to remind the band about appropriate travel behavior: “Remember, your mother’s not coming on this trip!”.
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